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iGaming Business Processes

  • Business Process Engineering

    If your organisation has grown significantly, or if the regulations you have to follow have drastically changed then it is very likely that the way you used to do things isn’t going to work so well anymore.

    And the faster you’ve grown, and the greater the change in regulations the more likely that is.

    We can design and implement new processes or make changes to existing ones to improve the way your evolving business operates.

    Using our experience from both within gaming and other IT industries our ITIL certified consultants can optimise the use of all your resources, both the tools and the people.

  • Change and Process Analysis

    When was the last time you took a look at how things are actually being done in your business?

    How sure are you that your original business processes are being followed, or are fit for purpose anymore?

    Do you know all the pain points your team has?

    What bottlenecks they have?

    Which processes are held together with sticky tape and will power?

    Working with your entire team we can discover exactly what is happening, where workflows aren’t flowing and who is keeping all the plates spinning.

    Our report will provide you with the information you need to make impactful decisions about how to move your business forward.

  • Change Management

    We can act as agents for change while we manage your process reengineering projects.

    Change is hard and people are often resistant to it. Using a people centred approach we can plan and implement any changes your business needs due to growth, new legislation or the purchase of new applications.

    As an external resource we have a unique position to drive change within your organisation.

  • New Tool Process Change

    To resolve an issue or improve performance you have adopted a new tool for your team. Everyone is excited, this is going to make all the difference, everything will better now. Initially everyone is happy, things are good. Then you notice that you’re not getting the benefits you hoped for, other teams are complaining, and your team are not as happy.

    A new tool is only half the story. Implementation is at least as much about the process around that tool as the tool itself.

    With years of experience in delivering game changing tools The Better Process Company can help you get the full value of your new tools by building a complete process around the way they work.

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