Spinola Gaming

Lottery Management and Jackpot Solutions Provider

  • Global Lottery Games

    Spinola Gaming boasts over 70 of the world’s leading lottery games, and the world’s biggest jackpot prizes. Operators can offer their players a shot at a life-changing opportunity and the chance of becoming an instant multi-millionaire.

    All prize payouts can be fully insured using Spinola Gaming’s A+ jackpot coverage across all prize tiers.

    All of these global lottery games are also available as a Lottery Messenger option, where actual lottery tickets are purchased and provided to players.

  • Custom Lottery Games

    Apart from their impressive portfolio of lottery games and products, Spinola Gaming can also help your brand stand out from the competition thanks to their bespoke custom game development service offering custom lotteries, instant games and scratch cards.

    They can develop a wide range of lottery games around any theme or promotion to target your key markets, increase player acquisition and lifetime value. All games come complete with Apex, their proprietary jackpot insurance engine, with fully insured jackpots of up to €250 million per draw.

  • Apex – Jackpot Insurance Engine

    Apex is Spinola Gaming’s €250 million Jackpot Insurance Engine that can be integrated into any existing game including those currently in development.

    Apex was created specifically for casino providers wanting to amplify their existing or new content with the biggest jackpots currently available in the igaming industry, without the need for any game liquidity, minimum guarantees or upfront fees.

    These huge life-changing jackpots are a great way for suppliers and operators to differentiate themselves from the competition. Apex Jackpot Insurance solutions are available across Live Games, Table Games, Slots and promotional campaigns in addition to custom lottery products.

  • Retail Lottery Solutions

    Apart from its online solutions, Spinola Gaming also offer a mobile & retail lottery solution that seamlessly integrates land-based retail, mobile POS and online sales.

    This software is optimal for emerging markets or retail operators who would like to upgrade and digitize their current operations without the lengthy set up process.

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