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Instant Win Games Provider

Instant Win Games Provider

Onlyplay is an innovative provider of the best creative gaming solutions for iGaming operators all over the globe. We are the ones who set new trends, use various game mechanics, mathematical models and original modern design in our products. 

We know exactly how to significantly expand your target audience of new players. We are what will distinguish you from others! 

Our games can: - return players through the use of tools from social games - increase of players retention by using different mathematical models for different characters of players - offer visual customization for target audiences by GEO and others parameters; - provide variability of winning strategies for players; - provide skill jackpots and bonuses; - provide high quality graphics and animation - humor;) - ensures player loyalty.

All of our gaming products are created using the latest technology and characterized by high-quality art, a large number of competitive elements and social communication in games. Onlyplay gaming products are mobile friendly, as well as simple and clear for the user. 

All of them are cloud-ready and can be deployed to any modern hosting party that has support of cloud native infrastructures. We created a special RNG-platform whose cryptographic algorithm provides a high level of performance and reliability. 

Onlyplay have been working for you for more than thirteen years, so that you can enjoy the best online games now!