Northern Lights Gaming

Cutting Edge Slots

  • Unique Slots, Captivating Mechanics and Cutting-Edge Maths

    Being founded by industry professionals means that here at Northern Lights Gaming we how to make captivating slots that both excite the player and deliver them with the best gameplay experience.

    We love nothing more than hearing about how much players enjoy and play our top-quality slots, and we strive to connect with them in new and unique ways.

    Our goals are to satisfy our customers and players with impressive new technology and art, and really deliver what both parties would want; big wins all round!

    We know that not all players are the same, that is why we create a range of different profile games. Whether you like your games fast paced and volatile or prefer a slower paced experience, Northern Lights games cater for all.

  • Immersive Art and Exclusive Games

    We at Northern Lights Gaming pride ourselves on our art direction for each game, our latest games now have art that competes with larger, mainstream companies unlike our own, smaller team.

    Being a small company means better teamwork and communication for our staff which makes getting the job done ten times easier, it also makes us better socially, and allows us to do and say certain things larger companies cannot.

    We have always released our games exclusively with massive tier one customers which for a company the size of Northern Lights shows the faith everyone has in our games.

    Our passion is always striving to make the best slots on the market and knowing that every part that goes into a slot must be amazing. The art, the sound, the mechanics and of course the maths all have to be excellent to achieve the best product we can.

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