Sports Betting Software Provider

  • Seven Platform

    Seven is a platform for managing core betting business operations. The platform offers a framework for aggregation of betting and gaming products from third party vendors, and it handles users, transactions, and reporting.

    Our software’s administration and content control is available on all product delivery channels – retail, terminal, mobile, and web.

    Admin is a very powerful administration suite that enables the customer to track all business data in real time. It provides tracking of individual betshops, as well as the entire business or just specific group of betshops.

    It is intended for the employees in the betshop. 7Shop offers a great amount of control, monitoring the tickets and other data, reports and calculations.

  • Sportsbook Software

    Sportsbook software that’s got it all: Pre-Match betting and In-Play betting. It’s a turnkey solution based on a revenue share model that minimizes the risk, reduces operational costs and brings benefits to different types of operators. All of our betting solutions are based on Betradar feed which incorporates hundreds of thousands sports events.

  • Draw Based Games

    Lucky Six
    Lucky Six is NSoft's blue chip. It is a virtual, draw based game with a verified and certified RNG running in the background. It is the most engaging game.

    Lucky X
    Lucky X is the next generation of betting. It is a draw based game offering more wagering options behind every number. Founded on the concept of the classic draw game, Lucky X offers the players a chance to pick random numbers or colours, and follow a live draw every five minutes.

    Next Six
    The fastest paced draw based game. Originating from classic lottery games, this virtual game is based on computer-generated events in which a RNG is used for the outcome selection. The concept of draw-based games is enriched with the thrill of live betting aiming to increase entertainment and player retention.

    Keno 20/80
    Keno is a very simple and popular casino game - a perfect match to enhance your business growth offering modern UI, different spot markets, configurable RTP% and bonus features.

    Our Roulette is a fast-paced modular and engaging game that brings completely new experience to players. The game was designed with colorful visuals and eye-catching graphics. There are two different types of roulette wheels, the American and the European one and we have them both.

    Spin and Win
    Spin & Win is a game that uses Roulette game logic. Straight up, Dozen (1-2-3), Even/Odd and Red/Black are available betting options.

  • Virtual Games

    Slot Car Races
    Highly competitive selection of races. Placing bets all day long was made easy with this exclusive game on the market. Slot Car Races displays already recorded selection of races.

    Greyhound Races
    A true hippodrome experience!
    Greyhound Races is a betting game that uses real-life footage combined with the RNG. New race is displayed every few minutes.

    Virtual Greyhound Races
    Incredibly popular and enjoyable betting sport.
    Virtual Greyhound Races is a virtual betting game where players place bets on one or more out of 6-8 dogs that are racing at the track. Outcomes are the result of a software, an electronic random number generator (RNG).

    Virtual Horse Races
    Best looking game in the modern, virtual era.
    Outcomes are the result of an electronic random number generator (RNG). The game offers beautiful visualization of live standings and race progress, as well as visually appealing statistics.

    Virtual Motorcycle Speedway
    Fast and exciting four laps on the dirty track.
    Virtual Motorcycle Speedway is a motorcycle racing sport involving four and sometimes up to six riders competing on track.

    Virtual Drag Races
    Burning tires, roaring engines and 10 seconds full of excitement. NSoft is known to take on challenges, so we decided to bring these car races into our virtual world.

    Virtual Penalty Shootout
    The Virtual Penalty Shootout is a virtual game of chance where players can place bets on the outcome of a penalty shot. NSoft brings this nerve-racking, nail-biting showdown between a goalkeeper and the penalty taker as the latest addition to its portfolio.

  • Terminals/SSBT’s

    T-1000 is a full HD self-service high-quality betting terminal with an ultra-responsive touchscreen. T-1000 is available in dual, single and portrait screen versions with four video outputs and allows multiple branding options.

    T-800 is a bit more robust version of the ultra-slim and popular T-1000 available in the dual-screen version. With flexible peripheral options, it supports almost all bill recyclers, payin and payout systems.

    Wall-T is our little giant with a full HD, single screen, high-quality terminal that provides a versatile and cost-effective solution for different business needs. Stark’s Wall-T offers various mounting options (wall-mount, tabletop installation, freestanding stand with logo imprint) as well as extensive device compatibility and branding options.

    D1 is the first Desk Betting Terminal from STARK. Once a side project, D1 is now STARK's rising star, perfect for spacious bet shops with live betting being core of their business.

  • Video Surveillance Software

    NSoft Vision is a Video Surveillance Software built to improve security, health, and business performance. Just picture having Google analytics for your retail but much easier to use. All thanks to the boost of artificial intelligence. By investing in Vision, you’re investing in much more than just security. From now on, keep control anytime, anywhere without the need to constantly monitor live streams.

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