iGaming Financial Crime Solutions

  • Responsible Gambling

    NOTO offers a complete set of functionalities that allow the Responsible Gambling officer and his/her team members to deal with different challenges related to potentially problem gamblers - different types of reporting to cover outliers or drastic changes in deposits, withdrawals, bets, losses, sessions, etc. for the players; multi brand and multi license self-exclusion lists that can be managed both manually and via an API; flexible player limits can be incorporated into the NOTO platform with the respective cooling-off periods if changes are requested.

  • Bonus and Loyalty Abuse

    NOTO is a data gnostic solution that can screen any transaction type - deposits, withdrawals or in game transactions.

    As a result of this, NOTO successfully identifies bonus abusers by allowing our clients to take a holistic approach and build an extensive customer profile, consisting of all player activities.

    This makes promotion abuse detection much more accurate and reduces the manual overhead related to extensive payouts review.

  • AML and PEPs and Sanctions

    NOTO offers a complete set of AML features and functionalities, that allows Compliance managers and team to develop really accurate AML policies and manage alerts review investigation via bank grade case management.

    In addition to the transaction AML monitoring NOTO offers PeP& Sanctions screening tools that allow for really accurate screening and rescreening.

  • Fraud Prevention

    NOTO can be used for fraud prevention in any gaming vertical throughout the entire player lifecycle. Account fraud, account compromise and payment fraud are just of the use cases that NOTO can help with.

  • NOTO Credit Risk Scoring - Open Banking Solution Integration

    NOTO can provide different credit risk analysis models.

    Base models – returning basic information such as 12-month average income or spending and regularity.
    Complex model – risk rating calculated based on different criteria which evaluates the end customer as potentially good, average or bad client.

  • PSD2 Solutions

    Align PSD2 compliance, risk and revenue

    - Apply dynamic SCA
    - Take advantage of all PSD2
    - Automatically Identify trusted beneficiaries
    - Low risk transactions flagging

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