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The Most Entertaining Casino Game You'll Ever Play

The Most Entertaining Casino Game You'll Ever Play


MATCH52 is a brand-new  casino game franchise. There are 6 ways to win and scores of potential wagers. Payouts go as high as 725 to 1.

MATCH52’s  exclusive SPORTS THEMED CASINO GAMES include MATCH52 Baseball,  Basketball, Boxing, Football, Hockey, Golf, Tennis, Soccer, Auto  Racing and Horse Racing. MATCH52 iterates in the same way the Monopoly  franchise has. Our idea is to keep the player in one place longer by  offering different game themes on the same machine. Instead of forcing  the player to “walk around the casino” (physically  or virtually) to play a different game, we offer a unique, customized,  changeable experience in one location.

We  call it "Player's Choice". The underlying game is the same, so points  carry over (there’s no need to “Cash Out”). This amplifies MATCH52's  player reach exponentially. Players can play the game they choose  (e.g., MATCH52 BASEBALL) while other players are playing different  versions of the game (e.g., MATCH52 HOCKEY)

The  base game is the same, so the competition is uninterrupted by these  changes. We believe this is literally a GAME-CHANGER in interactive  gambling. We have several other Match52 games in production including  MATCH52 PLUS (Multiplayer) MATCH52 PLUS POKER, MATCH52 PLUS ACEY-DEUCEY,  and many others. In these instances, the player is betting on two games  at once (MATCH52 and a Poker hand, for example).  The MATCH52 Franchise is a Revolution in iGaming.