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iGaming Hosting Services and Marketing Solutions

  • iGaming SEO Hosting

    As one of the largest SEO hosting providers in Europe our hosting solutions make an excellent support to the overall SEO strategy of your company.

    Even though creating good content is essential, SEO hosting can become a powerful supplement to boost your website's rankings in Google. SEO hosting gives you the opportunity to host multiple websites with different domain names using unique C-blocks of IP addresses on a single server. This allows those sites to interlink while being ranked independently by search engines.

  • iGaming Dedicated Servers

    Running a heavily loaded platform? Then a dedicated server is an option for you. SSD and NVMe hard drives for the best performance. Dedicated LAN for multiple machines for total control. Only enterprise hardware.

    • All Flash servers
    • Remote management
    • Premium Wordpress hosting

  • iGaming Cloud Servers

    Internet Vikings has over 10 years of experience of providing Cloud hosting to customers. It is a cost-efficient and secure option with the possibility of instant scaling when you need it the most.

    • Fully redundant solution with unlimited scaling capabilities.
    • Minimal latency to keymarkets
    • State-of-the-Art All Flash SAN.
    • Full compliance with GDPR

  • Managed Hosting for iGaming

    Managed hosting from Internet Vikings is a service that takes responsibility for setting up servers off your hands. Our specialists will configure your server to meet your needs, handle performance optimization, take care of updates, monitor the security threats, and will do much more to make your data safe and available.

    Managed hosting is the optimal choice for:
    • companies with small IT department
    • large setups with loaded traffic
    • applications that require only up-to-date security
    • websites with heavy back-end needs

  • IP-addresses

    We provide IPv4 addresses for rent. Over the last decade, we have utilized 150,000 IP-addresses from all over the world. Flexible pricing system will help you find the optimal solution for your needs.

    • IP-addresses from all countries of the world
    • 40 AS-numbers used for BGP announcement
    • 20 GB bandwidth per month
    • Standard Proxy for easy connection

  • iGaming Hosting Services

    Regulations and technological challenges set high standards for hosting companies that want to operate on the market of online gaming. With 12-years experience in IT-industry, we provide solutions optimal for your iGaming business.

    Internet Vikings has been focusing on this industry since 2015. Operators all over the glove trust us their most valuable data.

    Data-centres in Stockholm, Amsterdam, Taipei, Sao Paolo, Sydney, Oklahoma City ensure minimal latency to key markets.

    With ISO 27001 we guarantee full compliance with regulations. State-of-art infrastructure ensures the safety and availability of your websites.

    • Hybrid Clouds
    • Dedicated Infrastructure
    • Web acceleration / CDN
    • Private Clouds
    • DDoS protection
    • IP-address diversity

  • Content Sites

    Content Sites from Internet Vikings is a bespoke managed service that improves rankings of your brand in search results. Using power of backlinks Content Sites from Internet Vikings boost your main site to the top page of search results ensuring visibility and traffic influx.

    • Content Building in 60 languages
    • Unique designs
    • Quality link building

  • Brand Protection Sites

    When others take advantage of your brand…

    Brand Protection Sites can be used to prevent affiliates from taking advantage of your brand name on search engines. By using your brand related keywords, affiliates can gain ranking positions at your expense. This could be the case if you are in a line of business where competition is tough and where many actors fight about the limelight.

    ...we have a solution

    By building Brand Protection Sites with Internet Vikings, you can outrank competitors and affiliates on brand related keywords and secure several positions on the first page of search engines.

  • Managed Brand Protection

    Managed Brand Protection from Internet Vikings is a proprietary technology designed specifically for iGaming operators. It is a unique service and has no analogues on the market. Managed Brand Protection helps operators to retain brand search traffic, mitigate undesired traffic yield, boost conversions and increase ROI on ATL investments.

    Being a fully hosted service, it is independently catered for and set up by Internet Vikings’ specialists. Thanks to Managed Brand Protection operators can become less dependent in terms of brand traffic, which brings balance and room for the future growth to the industry as a whole.

    Within this service we offer
    • Site and link building
    • Secure hosting in Internet Vikings Cloud
    • The full cycle of domain management
    • SLA bound support service
    • Regular monitoring report
    • Updates regarding progress and result

  • Backlink API

    Dealing with Rank tracking, Keyword research, Link building tools or Content optimization? We have a Powerful API just for you.

    • Over 40K requests per second
    • 4 billion pages crawled and parsed daily
    • Data source update - every quarter
    • Developer friendly responses in JSON format

    Increase revenue per customer with Backlink API from Internet Vikings

  • iGaming SEO Domain Names

    An SEO domain is a domain that matches quality requirements for further use in SEO. By scanning 200,000 daily, we are able to identify the best domains in terms of history and backlink profile that can be used for SEO.

  • iGaming Domain Registration

    Internet Vikings register domain names in over 100 countries and is one of the leading registrars in Europe. We handle everything from the small business to large corporations domain names management.

    We can offer you TLDs such as COM, NET, ORG, NU, DE, NL, FR, IT, AT, SE, NO, FI, DK, CA, BR, BE, CH and more.

  • Domain Whois Protection

    Extensive network of partners enables us to secure, protect and market domain names in countries where otherwise it would be impossible. In addition, by using Whois protection the customer can reduce spam and unwanted appeals.

    Our service is provided in compliance with the relevant regulations and has been developed in cooperation with legal partners for each country.

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