High Performance European Cloud Services

  • Enterprise Cloud/High Performant Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

    The perfect public cloud is ready to handle your workload! High transaction applications remain up and running even during peak loads, SaaS solutions work smoothly, CPU-intensive rendering tasks are carried out cost-efficiently, and data archives and backups are stored redundantly.

    Whether you are looking to blend on-site applications with a public cloud into a hybrid cloud, or require a genuine alternative to a multi-cloud strategy, the Enterprise Cloud is your perfect choice—with transparent prices, maximum data privacy in certified data centres, an unbeatable backbone connection running infiniband, simple use thanks to the Data Center Designer and the Cloud REST API, and reliable live vertical scaling.

  • Managed Kubernetes

    Managed Kubernetes facilitates the fully automated setup of Kubernetes clusters. Several clusters can also be quickly and easily deployed, for example to set up staging environments, and then deleted again if necessary.

    Kubernetes also significantly simplifies and carefully supports the automation of CI/CD pipelines in terms of testing and deployment. Our managed solution offers maximum transparency and control of the K8S cluster.

  • Private Cloud, Powered by VMware

    The IONOS Private Cloud gives you all the benefits of a cloud environment – with higher levels of security thanks to dedicated hardware and infrastructure that's yours to use. Thanks to VMware, users benefit from one of the leading virtualisation solutions for your own, highly secure platform.

    The IONOS Private Cloud is also the ideal platform for business applications, with maximal flexibility and cost efficiency thanks to a pay-as-you-go licensing model and free bandwidth.

  • S3 Object Storage

    S3 Object Storage keeps your budget calculations simple.

    You can respond easily to changing requirements and only pay for the storage space and time that you actually use, without restrictive contract periods and minimum prices. Instead you will benefit from attractive tiered pricing:

    The more storage space you use, the less you pay per TB.

  • Backup as a Service (BaaS)

    Enterprise Cloud from IONOS has a fully integrated backup function offering secure data storage in German data centers for all data backup application scenarios in medium-sized and large companies.

    Enterprise Cloud allows you to back up and restore your data directly and without any hassle.

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