GTH Translation

iGaming Content and Translation Services

  • Localization Services

    As a unified localization provider, we know what it takes to make your brand truly local to any region across the world. By localizing your content, which includes your website, social media, email, print content, and any other content you produce, our localization services take you beyond the translations border.

    We carry out localization services for, but not limited to:

    • Full Websites
    • Software & Platforms
    • Games
    • Mobile apps
    • Marketing Content & Material

    Get in touch with us and we’ll show you why your brand needs localization, plus what we can do to ensure you can target the customers you’re looking to target.

  • Language Quality Assurance

    As part of our ongoing localization service, we offer LQA (Localization Quality Assurance). LQA is the process we use here at GTH to check to see if the product or service you’re offering is satisfying customer requirements. We carry out Localization QA as one of the last steps in verifying that the released localized product or service can accurately deliver what it’s supposed to deliver. The reason we ask brands to come to us before entering a new country is that we need to perform our LQA before you commit to the production of a product, or spend time creating a service.

    When we carry out LQA, we’re testing the linguistics of the content as well as reviewing the translation and culturalization of the content. Our highly skilled team of localization testers check whether the content of your website, software, or game is translated properly and meets the cultural norms of the target market you’re trying to penetrate.

  • Creative Content Services

    When it comes to us creating content, we can create content for a series of verticals, and these include iGaming, Finance and Blockchain, as well as a host of other industries which are looking to take their content to the next level.

    As part of our content creation service, we also carry out the following services:

    • SEO & Keyword Research
    • Content for eBooks & Brand Reviews
    • Content for Landing Pages & Email Campaigns
    • Content for Video Scripts as well as Transcription
    • Social Media & Blog Post Content
    • Full Appstore Content Using the Latest ASO Trends
    • Content for Product Listings
    • Ad Content for Google and Microsoft Ads

    No matter what sort of content you’re looking for, we have the staff and the creativity to turn your thoughts into words which sell!

  • Voice Over Services

    Whether you’re looking for voice over content for videos, games or everything in between, GTH translation has the voice over artist you’re looking for!

    We’ve been creating voice over content for all sorts of industries and our range of voice over artists spans across a host of languages too. We product voice over content which can be used for native dubbing, video synchronization, voice overs for games, for worldwide talent casting and we also produce subtitling services.

    No matter what your voice over needs are, we’ve got you completely covered here at GTH.

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