Experienced iGaming Payment Service Provider

  • Euro IBAN Accounts for Businesses

    IBAN4U, our Online Payment Account service, is perfect for igaming companies looking to execute mass payouts with an experienced payment service provider with deep igaming knowledge.

    This digital payment account in EUR currency comes with a unique Maltese IBAN which can be personalized. You do not need a European entity to open this account. The payment account is registered under your company name and you can access it online 24/7, similar to a bank account.

    The advantages of an IBAN4U account include:
    - Quick Activation within a few days
    - Execute Global Payments
    - 100% Deposit Protection
    - Transparent Pricing
    - Top Quality Customer Care

  • Omni-Channel Payment Gateway

    Our Omni-Channel Payment Gateway allows you to offer your igaming products online, via mobile and direct at the point of sale (POS).

    The advantages of using our Payment Gateway are:

    - Access to 350+ Payment Methods including major credit cards and alternative payment methods.
    - Offered through ONE contract, using ONE platform, with ONE point of contact.
    - Integrate with leading eCommerce & CRM systems.
    - Fraud Prevention & Risk Management included.
    - A Global E-Commerce solution.

  • SEPA Direct Debit Services

    FinXP has been processing SEPA Direct Debit transactions for over 5 years.

    We are an established payment service provider serving several iGaming operations who work with us due to our deep experience in the iGaming industry and because of our competitive transaction fees and great customer service.

  • Payments Consulting

    We provide igaming operators with highly regarded expert advice about how best to set up their payment processes and systems for maximum efficiency, for compliance, and for security purposes.

    Corporate customers can take advantage of a wide-range of out-of-the box payment solutions that we offer, or they can work with us and our tech-development team to create a bespoke payment solution that is custom-designed to their requirements.

    Our service includes working with our senior team members who have a deep experience when it comes to the financial services, technology, igaming, and ecommerce sectors.

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