Client Area

File Sharing Platform for the iGaming Industry

  • Organise your game assets and documentation

    Easy upload games, certificates and other regulatory assets and documents.

    Assign categories to create unique collections of your assets, such as games, catalogues and documents by jurisdiction.

  • Access management for staff and users

    Have complete control over users who have access to your content.

    Create and manage user accounts with different levels of access; for customers who can view content, staff who can add and edit content, or collaborators who can only and and edit their own content.

  • Dynamic game portfolio

    Keep one up to date list of your game portfolio details.

    The game portfolio is automatically updated as you add or edit your games in the Client Area. Keep one up to date, master list, and let customers view online and export as CSV.

  • Your own brand and unique subdomain

    Add your branding such as logos and brand colours to make it yours. We create a unique subdomain for your Client Area;

  • New features, updates and technical support

    We continuously improve the client area, adding additional features free of charge. If you have a new feature in mind, we are happy to listen and improve the product by making it a core feature. See what's new and coming in our changelog. Additionally, we provide free technical support if you get stuck or if something is not working as expected.

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IBET DIGITAL is the worlds leading iGaming business platform. We connect iGaming suppliers, operators, affiliates and events.

IBET DIGITAL also brings you the latest iGaming news and developments from leading companies across the globe.


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