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  • Video Bingos

    Caleta Gaming provides a distinctive range of premium online and mobile games with a specific focus on Latin America, one of the global market’s fastest-growing areas.

    Video Bingos are very popular in Latam, especially in Brazil.

    The player can play with either 1 or up to 4 cards. 30 or more balls are drawn, the matching numbers will be highlighted in the cards.

    There are several winning combinations!

    The games feature a range of fantastic bonus rounds designed to keep players engaged and take the players on a journey through unique culture.

    The Turbo mode feature really ramps up the excitement. The extra balls and special balls are also part of the range of great features!

  • Keno Games

    Kenos are part of the mix of games available from Caleta Gaming and are extremely popular across key markets in Latin America.

    20 numbers are drawn from the 80 available.

    There are eight game tracks to select, ranging from track three, in which the player chooses only three numbers to bet, up to track 10, in which 10 numbers are chosen.

    The more numbers drawn which coincide with those chosen, the greater the value of the prize.

    If the last number drawn is the number that completed the prize, the Bonus Feature is activated, which can multiply the winnings up to six-fold.

  • Lottery Games

    Caleta has launched its explosive new game, Atomico Lotto, joining the company’s ever growing portfolio of more than 60 high-quality titles.

    The game allows players to select up to four cards to play.

    Each card features six numbers ranging from zero to nine, with players selecting their choices either manually or via the auto pick button.

    Once the play button is pressed, the game randomly draws six numbers; lucky players may also receive a ‘Wild Ball’ which acts as a joker.

    Prizes are won by matching cards with the drawn numbers.

  • Video Slots

    The slots are designed to appeal to all markets and feature tumbling reels, progressive multipliers, a variety of bonus games and wild events amongst a host of engaging features.

    Caleta’s slots bring a range of features that enhance customer experience and engagement and encourage extended play.

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