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  • Neuron 3 – A Player-centric Approach

    BtoBet’s Neuron 3 iGaming and sportsbook platform allows operators to develop their player journey and betting experience no matter the medium or communicative platform involved. To successfully achieve this result Neuron 3 redefined the limits of what is today’s Omnichannel approach, seamlessly interconnecting the betting experience through a wider spectrum of channels – retail, mobile, desktop, and now social media channels.

    Amongst the main features at the core of Neuron 3’s technology is the new retail solution that allows for the retail agents to transform their anonymous customers into registered players through a rapid registration process, allowing players to not only benefit through targeted bonuses and free bets, but also from a betting environment where all channels are interconnected for an augmented betting experience.

    Complimenting this redefinition of the boundaries for an Omnichannel approach is also Social Media Betting feature. Operators will be able to address today’s players’ strong tendencies to make use of the most popular social communicative platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Viber, and Telegram, for a simpler way to search and place their bets. This feature will not only allow operators to target digital native customers, and thus as a result increasing the interaction and engagement with millennials, but will also simplify the whole betting process for the players themselves who will now be able to place bets – even multiples – without the need to navigate to third party apps.

    This technological innovation towards a more player-centric approach will allow operators to address the current voids characterizing the player’s lifetime, putting him at the center of the entire betting experience, without the need to be restricted by time, place and mediums, maintaining intact the emotions involved in the whole betting experience.

  • A Secure Sportsbook Solution Featuring a Better Experience Through Multiple Sources

    BtoBet provides a totally customizable and fully-managed sportsbook solution that integrates seamlessly into any Player Account Management (PAM) system, featuring a multi-tenancy and secure infrastructure.

    Furthermore BtoBet’s BSports feed allows operators to extend the flexibility of their offer, providing them with multiple source feeds via a single and simplified integration giving you full control to build your own customized offer.

    Extensive pre-match and live odds services:
    • 330.000 + pre-match events per year
    • 25.000 in-play (live) events per month
    • 3000+ outcomes per event
    • 300+ markets per match
    • 750 unique odds types
    • 35 sports

  • A Flexible Online Casino Content Solution

    Operators can build and customize their online casino brands by either:
    • integrate directly themselves the content of their choice from the game providers of their liking, OR
    • make use of Neuron 3's Content Aggregator, and choose from a listing of 8000+ games from 100+ of the world's leading content providers already natively integrated in a single portfolio

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