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BizAcuity Solutions

iGaming Analytics Software Specialist

iGaming Analytics Software Specialist

BizAcuity started in 2011 is the market leading gaming analytics software specialist, focused on bringing best-practice of Predictive and Visual analytics to the operator and suppliers in the gaming sector. 

Today we have the privilege to serve several gaming companies throughout Europe, North America and Oceania regions with exceptional data capabilities. BizAcuity is named after the term “Acuity” which means keenness or acuteness, especially in vision or thought or acumen. 

At BizAcuity, we believe that seeing the fine details of the business is the most important aspect for any organization. 

BizAcuity’s new SaaS based solution is a revolutionary step forward in the gaming industry. It’s built by individuals with decades of experience in the gaming industry, to help cater to the needs and requirements of operators in the predictive and visual analytics area. 

With our analytics solutions gaming companies can better focus on their players and build brand loyalty with cost-effective data solutions. We strive to help our Customers better utilize their Data Infrastructure.