Aurum Solutions

Gaming Reconciliation Software Specialist

  • Gaming PSP Reconciliation

    Aurum’s PSP reconciliation is a turnkey, automated, solution for all gaming operators.

    The reconciliation software seamlessly integrates with all gaming platforms, PSP’s, acquirers and payment gateways. Native API, sFTP or DDBC feeds allow the system to reconcile automatically as soon as data becomes available.

    • Optimise operational efficiency by leveraging automation, improving accuracy and reducing the time spent reconciling multiple payment methods.

    • Gain immediate visibility into discrepancies with exception management workflow.

    • Track transactions across their whole life-cycle with a robust audit trail, boosting control and compliance.

    • Advanced MI module enables operators to meet complex regulatory requirements.

    • Detect, track and prevent fraudulent payments with daily and intra-day reconciliations.

    • Powerful three-way reconciliation between PSP’s, payment gateway/aggregators and gaming platforms maximising financial control.

    • Scalable platform designed to grow alongside your organisation as volumes or matching complexities increase.

  • Bank Reconciliation Platform

    Aurum’s bank reconciliation platform is highly scalable from hundreds, up to millions, of transactions and enabling reconciliations in either real-time, daily, weekly or monthly depending on the client or regulatory requirements.

    In addition to pre-configured gaming-specific matching rules, users can easily create an unlimited number of rules from straightforward to highly complex, guaranteeing the highest possible matching rates while ensuring complete accuracy.

    Ad-hoc matching of residual items is made as efficient as possible with Aurum finding and presenting matches requiring user input or confirmation. Exception items are then managed by the system through to resolution.

    Every action is fully audited and can be rolled-back in the case of error.

    With comprehensive, graphical, MI and a configurable dashboard, managers have a clear overview of the organisation’s financial position and are immediately alerted to critical issues allowing them to quickly drill down and investigate.

  • Journal File Automation

    Journal file automation technology generates accurate journal entries, maintaining balances across internal and external systems.

    Aurum obtains period-end totals from all payment suppliers extracting all fees, FX rates and chargebacks. Gaming Operators benefit from enhanced control and accuracy with consolidated journal entries posted to the right accounts in your finance system.

    Aurum’s technology facilitates best practice by automating time-consuming tasks that are reliant on human intervention.

    • Gain confidence in your data with synchronised systems enhancing data precision.

    • Generate valuable insights facilitating decision makers to make better informed decisions.

  • Fee Checker

    Fee Checker technology integrated into the Aurum Gaming Platform automates the process of checking all payment supplier’s fees at a transaction level.

    Manual checks are virtually impossible due to the highly complex nature of fee structures. Aurum’s software records all fees agreed with payment providers in its intelligent fee master table. When transactional data is imported, fees are automatically extracted and checked.

    The process is seamless, scalable and fully audited. Comprehensive, graphical, MI and a configurable dashboard, immediately alerts managers to critical issues and discrepancies, allowing them to drill down and investigate quickly.

  • FX Checker

    Aurum’s FX Checker provides Gaming Operators security through automation. Purpose-built technology monitors currency fluctuations and uses an intelligent FX master table to confirm fees agreed with payment suppliers.

    It is near impossible to manually check exchange rates and identify inconsistencies at a transaction level. The automated FX checker runs behind the scenes, enhancing FX rate accuracy and strengthening controls.

    • Substantiate FX rate charges at a transaction level preventing avoidable costs created by errors.

    • Complete item history with full audit trail recording all applicable FX rates and fees.

    • Advanced reporting capabilities allow FX variances to be identified and investigated immediately.

  • Balance Catalogue

    At the click of a button, Balance Catalogue compares the sum of all transactions loaded into Aurum against the balances provided by each data source.

    Variance analysis then detects remaining differences or inconsistencies in your balances for further investigation, adding an extra layer of protection for your transactional reconciliations.

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