Aurum Solutions

Gaming Reconciliation Software Specialist

Gaming Reconciliation Software Specialist

Aurum Solutions is the market leading gaming reconciliation software specialist, focused on bringing best-practice from the banking and financial services industries to the gaming sector.

Aurum provides a highly scalable reconciliation platform optimised for gaming operators from start-ups through to industry-leaders.

Streamline PSP reconciliation with automatic fees and FX checker, bank reconciliation and journal file automation in one central platform.

The Aurum platform automates every step of the gaming reconciliation process. Importing and reconciling data from any source including PSP’s, acquirers, payment gateways, gaming platforms and financial software/ERP’s.

• Improve control and compliance with a complete audit workflow that assists operators meet complex regulatory requirements.
• Resolve discrepancies fast with Aurum’s exception management workflow. Highlighted inconsistencies identify potential errors or fraud, giving you time to drill down to the root of the issue.
• RPA technology streamlines business processes and enhances operational efficiency by removing reliance on manual workloads.
• Manage risk effectively and gather insights to make strategic decisions with a powerful MI module of gaming specific reports.

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