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Gambling Therapy Platform

Gambling Therapy Platform

Award-winning problem gambling treatment platform. AnonyMind offers free-to-access online assessment, a self-help library, and expert therapist treatment for gambling problems.


It provides an innovative, effective alternative to clinic-based treatment for UK residents. Its confidential online therapy appointments with professionally qualified clinicians provide a flexibility that is based on individual's circumstances. 

AnonyMind was built as the digital platform for Leon House clinic in the UK. While working on our approach to helping people by building specialist technology, Covid and UK lockdowns descended. 

Drop-in clinics and residential facilities - including Leon House - closed, and AnonyMind became critical solution for countless people cut off from traditional treatment. In recognition of its innovative platform, and the tools it provides to those with gambling problems, won the ‘Tech for Good’ award at the UK’s 2021 Prolific North Awards.