Algotech LLC

Sports Betting and Trading Software Provider

  • Sportsbook Software Provider

    A fully operational Asian Betting platform in the typical Oriental style. Fully equipped with our own mathematical algorithms, it covers a wide range of sports.

    The platform is suitable for both traditional deposit clients or agents business, that you can easily control via the associated agents platform.

    Configure all the parameters of your operations: margins, odds, limits, networks. You can rely on the support of our experienced team from Asia to smoothly serve your customers and partners.

  • Sportsbook Mathematical Algorithms

    Algotech provides mathematical algorithms for risk management, odds calculations and different sportsbook functionalities. Created and tested by our experts and successfully employed by our customers for years, the algorithms have a high degree of customizability.

    The algorithms already in production cover several different sports and the most request functionalities for the modern bookmaking operations such as risk-based odds rebalancing, cash-out and bet-builder. On the other hand, we are always glad to provide you the creation of tailor-made maths that fit your ongoing needs.

    We can offer the mathematical source code in the format you prefer, as well as turn-key java libraries ready to be integrated in your system or also an API service.

  • Sports Trading Solutions

    With an international and experienced trading team, Algotech offers a fully outsourced risk management service as well as business consultancies.

    Algotech keeps serving clients from all the continents and we are familiar with all the different types of business: online, land-based, leisure and professional players.

    We also provide detailed and accurate client analysis to spot sharps and all other kind of dangerous or good players, offering solutions for you to better handle and optimize at best your revenues.

    Algotech would also provide a fully comprehensive training to your own internal trading team if requested, supervising and advising it until the formation period will not be perfectly completed.

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