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NSoft Introduces Cash Out – Live Betting’s Feature That Punters Love

NSoft has introduced the Cash Out feature to round up its Live Betting.

One of the most attractive features of Live Betting is now available within NSoft’s In-Play betting solution for online operators.

The feature allows punters to cash  the ticket even before the end of the games if the odds are heading in  punters’ favour or get some of the stakes back if the punters are likely  to lose the bet.

The Cash Out offer is made in  real-time. If the ticket is eligible for cashout, the option will be  displayed on the Live betting web interface or mobile app. The player  then can decide to use the option. The process is straightforward;  the  Cash Out button appears with the current calculation amount available  for the punter to accept.

The Cash Out feature has become a standard option for Sportsbook operators and Live Betting. Cash  Out feature is in high correlation with the punters’ engagement, thus  turnover. The bettors tend to choose in-play betting operators who offer  Cash Out as it allows them to impact the bet even after they made the  wager.

NSoft Live Betting product with live odds feed,  rich offer and in-house risk management is the right option for any  operator, no matter the size of its business. NSoft is offering both –  seamless integration and an omnichannel turnkey solution for the betting  business.

Learn more about NSoft Platform Seven and Sportsbook for betting operators.

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