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Crypto Processing Made Easy By Coinspaid

Crypto Processing Made Easy By Coinspaid
Crypto Processing Made Easy By Coinspaid

Crypto Processing Made Easy By Coinspaid
Crypto Processing Made Easy By Coinspaid


20 November 2020, 07:30:00

The ecosystem designed by CoinsPaid enables the payment of a wide range of cryptocurrencies, thanks to its powerful built-in processing service - 

Payments can be automatically converted into fiat money and managed risk-free in a multicurrency wallet, with absolutely no commission between CoinsPaid user accounts. Already 3% of the global volume of Bitcoin transfers has been conducted through CoinsPaid since the beginning of 2020.

Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity as a means of payment among both consumers and companies and allow for fast and secure transactions. What's more, suppliers of goods and services appreciate the absence of high fees as in banks and other payment systems. Payment cancellation is almost impossible, which shrinks the risk of fraud. Year after year, a growing number of companies include cryptocurrencies into their payment methods for goods and services. They include such giants as the American retailer Overstock and Japanese Rakuten, Etsy e-commerce platform, the Wholesale Roots chain of cafes and restaurants, Subway and Domino's Pizza, AT&T telecommunications companies, Travala and Cheap Air travel companies, Stephen James Group (the official dealer of BMW), and many others.

According to, the daily volume of transactions in Bitcoin alone has increased 2.5 times over the past five years, from 128,000 transactions worth less than $100 million back in 2015 to nearly 300,000 transactions worth almost $2.8 billion now.

CoinsPaid's payment gateway allows payments in more than 30 cryptocurrencies, no matter where the end-user is. Companies connected to the CoinsPaid processing service have an opportunity to enable the automatic conversion of cryptocurrencies into fiat money. They can then receive payment for goods and services directly to their bank account in the national currency of their choice - US dollars, euros, pounds, and other currencies.

"Cryptocurrencies are a convenient payment instrument for everyday operational activities", says Max Krupyshev, CEO of CoinsPaid, "but for a long time, companies have lacked a service that would combine simplicity and convenience with a user-friendly interface and a safe and practical solution for accepting the cryptocurrency payments. The CoinsPaid ecosystem was the missing link. Now, more people will discover the real potential of cryptocurrencies, their convenience, cost-benefit, and efficiency." is the optimal payment solution for all types of online businesses, including companies working in iGaming or the Forex industry. In these sectors, the ability to top-up user accounts instantly and in multiple currencies is of paramount importance. The company offers a flexible and transparent tariff system that depends on the client's turnover, in addition to fixed tariffs. The CoinsPaid ecosystem also provides many other tools and reports that help attain the maximum possible convenience when accepting and sending cryptocurrency payments.

The company recently expanded its product line and launched a new service in the B2B sphere: a wallet that supports over 30 cryptocurrencies and a built-in exchanger that allows digital asset conversions into more than 20 fiat currencies. No fees are collected for cryptocurrency transfers between CoinsPaid crypto wallet user accounts. CoinsPaid's hot wallet system underwent a technical audit by Kaspersky Lab and the 10Guards team, both world leaders in cybersecurity.

CoinsPaid has already had tremendous success. Its payment gateway is used for 3% of global Bitcoin transactions, and its processing service,, holds the first place in cryptocurrency operations for the iGaming industry. Having entered 2020 with a customer base of just over 100 sales outlets, CoinsPaid has increased the number of partner companies to over 300. Its total number of its users now exceeds 3 million. The total volume of funds in CoinsPaids' processing service turnover has increased by almost fivefold compared to 2019. The crypto company is on track for a great year in 2021.

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