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Betconstruct’s Backoffice is Now Available on Mobile

We are happy to announce that from now on our backoffice is also available on mobile. The idea behind the mobile-based backoffice is to make all the necessary tools available for the operators any time they need. Plus, the work can be done on the go. This is, of course, a great opportunity to monitor igaming websites not only from PC but also via a smartphone. The mobile backoffice is all optimized and highly developed allowing our clients to handle any operation without extra delays. The backoffice is easy-to-use with a user-friendly interface and all the necessary functionalities for overviewing and reporting. The easily controlled user interface allows to quickly find and change the partner, choose appropriate filters, manage language, reset the password, etc. Speaking about the languages we should mention that our backoffice has 11 languages available. In mobile backoffice users get all the sections and reports which are necessary for monitoring the websites and receiving the latest data. Besides, they can enjoy the updated and optimized navigation flow as well as smooth controls. The new mobile era proved that mobile platforms are used to gain productivity in work and are less time-consuming. Thanks to the various functions we offer, it will be way easier to manage most of the processes. Our developers worked hard to make the mobile backoffice compatible with many browsers. Furthermore, realizing the fact that the backoffice contains crucial data, security is the primary criteria for us. Hence, some sections can contain view only data. And we can guarantee that the best and contemporary practices are used in the course of development.

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