Information Security Engineer

Job Type

On Site


Valletta, Malta


Full Time


40000-60000 per year


Royce Technology Limited

Published Date

2 Mar 2021

Closing Date

21 Mar 2021

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About the job

We’re looking for an ambitious and self-driven Information Security Engineer to join our technical team in Malta and become an integral part of our gaming division.

Job Responsibilities:
The construction of security protection capabilities, combined with the actual operating environment to continuously optimize the security protection strategy or baseline reinforcement.
Infrastructure (IDC, cloud assets, etc.) security baseline development, organizational review, implementation of audit and process operation.
Security event emergency response and rehearsal, to ensure that the event occurs before, during and after the early warning and disposal capabilities, to avoid all kinds of security problems and thus security reinforcement, the organization to repair (terminal, host, etc.) a variety of security vulnerabilities to ensure the closure of the loop.
Develop or improve the security level of the security process specification, to ensure the implementation of the specification and terminal security awareness promotion or training.
Build and continuously improve the security management platform and promote the implementation of security service projects.
Based on the business structure for effective security risk exposure surface analysis (penetration, vulnerability checks, etc.), the formation of solutions.


Bachelor degree or above in computer, communication, information security related majors.
At least 3 years of experience in information security field
Familiarity with mainstream information security standards and related project consulting experience
including but not limited to ISO27001, ISO27701, ISO29151, with a certain technical foundation of information security
familiar with information security operations, understanding of the market mainstream IT systems, network equipment and security products
information security product implementation work experience is a plus
Familiar with at least three technical areas listed below: security certification and management system (ISMS), terminal security technology, network security technology, application security cycle management (SDLC), cloud application security design and management, data security technology, security vulnerability mining and emergency response, code security audit.
Ability to develop using one or more languages such as C/Python/Go/Java
Good analytical and problem-solving skills
Ability to pay attention in details
Excellent communication skills
Problem-solving attitude


As a fast-growing startup, we offer great career progression opportunities within the company
Be part of a highly ambitious team that strives to deliver
Work alongside an international and multicultural team
Competitive salary together with a good benefits package

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All of our staff are passionate about what they do. They have all worked in the tech and entertainment industries for a number of years across multiple jurisdictions and have a high level of understanding across the industry.
The founders themselves have worked tirelessly to ensure all staff have all bought into their mission and belief we can become one of the foremost companies delivering engaging content and delivering complex platforms and systems required to compete in today's global marketplace.



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