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The Digital Marketing Mixer

30th June 2020

The Digital Marketing Mixer

Online Event

The Digital Marketing Mixer is a business networking event for affiliate and digital marketers designed to help you get better connected so you can get new business - DONE. The event provides a short sharp burst of fun, speed networking and the opportunity to pitch, buy and sell services in one event.

If you're new to the Digital Marketing set, and looking to make new professional contacts, network with industry experts and meet a few new friends come hang with us. Every month we'll be hosting this professional networking event and absolutely everyone - is INVITED to join in FREE!

Whether you're an Affiliate, Operator Brand, Agency, SaaS provider or a Media network or partner, if you want to get new business, meet new people, learn what's happening in digital marketing, this event is for you! RSVP and join my community, start conversations and keep new business thriving!