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We offer the Baccarat game with six decks of cards. The object of Baccarat is to obtain a hand with a point total closest to 9. Aces count as one; 2 through 9 as their face value; tens and face cards count as zero. Place your wager on one or more of the following betting positions: the Banker, the Player and/ or the Tie. The Player and the Banker are then each dealt a two-card hand in the following order: first card to the Player, second card to the Banker, third card the Player, fourth card to the Banker. In certain cases, a third card is dealt to the Player and/or the Banker. The hand closest to 9, wins. Payouts to the player in Baccarat depend on the types of bets: The main bet on Player, The main bet on Banker, The main bet on Tie, The side bet on Player’s Pair, The side bet on Banker’s Pair, The side bet on Either Pair, The side bet on Perfect Pair, The side bet on Big, The side bet on Small.

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