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Lucky Tanks is a new instant win lottery by Onlyplay. The main theme of the game is military, which will undoubtedly interest those players who like online games with tanks, explosions and other military equipment.

The main characteristics of Lucky Tanks:

Chance to raise the bet up to x118
Each player has the opportunity to get the maximum winnings in just 4 steps, thus increasing his bet up to x118. Since at any stage of the game the user can take his winnings, the player's motivation to take such a risk increases.If the player manages to guess 12 tanks in a row, in this case, he will be lucky enough to hit the jackpot.

Military design
Onlyplay regularly tries to expand its products with games on various topics. In Lucky Tanks, players have to control a tank with which shots and explosions are made. Such a game is intended mainly for the male target audience, among which there are many fans of such battles.

Fair game
In order to increase trust among users, we have added honesty control to Lucky Tanks to make the game process more transparent and open.

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