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Limbo Cat is a new trending multiplier game with an improved bonus game and progressive jackpot, released by Onlyplay in November 2020.

What makes Limbo Cat unique?

Dropdown bonuses
In addition to the classic growth of the multiplier, in "Limbo Cat" the player can receive x-bonuses in boxes, which instantly increase the multiplier. However, we decided to spice up our game a little by putting mines in some of the boxes that explode the tank and stop the game - so "Limbo Cat" became even more exciting.

Accumulative jackpot
Also, our game has gained an advantage over other trendy games of this segment through the accumulative jackpot. It's evenly distributed among the players who risked reaching a special bonus box with a hidden jackpot. This will significantly increase the audience of players wishing to hit the Big Score.

Customization for different target audience
The games visual part is made on the basis of research of target audiences of the CIS, Europe and Asia markets.

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