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Texas Hold'em by Bgaming is an online casino variant of the most popular version of Poker in the world. It’s a pretty straightforward Poker game where luck and skill go side by side.
Traditionally for our table games, the setting imitates a busy casino where you are playing against the house. Quiet music, voices in the background and two cards on the deck for the first hand.
From here player has 2 ways. The first one is to Fold in order to end the round, losing the initial Ante bet. Another one is Raise – bring a double Ante bet on the table to continue playing and call three open “community” cards (or Flop) on the table.
Raise is a turning point where the player decides either to Bet or go for Check. In both cases the fourth card will be dealt, but Bet means another raise equal to Ante, and Check continues the game without additional bets.
Once all cards are dealt, the player evaluates the hand and decides either to raise up again with River bet or Check to go on without the raise. The fifth “community” card is dealt and the round is over. Player’s and Dealer’s hands compare their cards with Flop. Whoever has the best set wins.
Texas Hold’em supports our unique Provably Fair feature to guarantee the house doesn’t have an ace up the sleeve.

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