Double Exposure



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As the name of the game suggests, Double Exposure refers to a modified version of blackjack wherein the Dealer’s cards are visible from the get go. With such an upper hand for the Player, the Dealer is able to compensate by other means.
Though the advantage is in favour of the player in terms of adapting their strategy from the onset, the house edge is typically greater, hence paying out even money instead of the typical 3 to 2 on Blackjack. The Dealer also wins on all ties, except for a Blackjack combination.
Better still, the player retains the classic benefit of Doubling Down and Splitting, although the latter is only reserved to one time only. Players can expect the Dealer to stand on both hard and soft 17.

If you love blackjack in all shapes and forms, you will definitely not want to miss giving this version a go!

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